Lighting up the future – DACHSER UK assist with solar farm project

DACHSER UK recently played a significant role in the logistics of a widespread solar farm project, seamlessly coordinating across various divisions such as ASL, customs clearance, warehousing, and final mile deliveries.

The project, spanning two locations with the first site near Reading and the second in Leamington Spa, involved a substantial cargo volume of 164 x 40FT HC containers originating from Xingang, China. The Cargo Plus Customs Team (CPCT) in Dartford undertook a key responsibility in swiftly and efficiently clearing the cargo.

Due to the complexities of the logistics in terms of delivering the right cargo, to the right location, at the right time, the customer sought de-vanning and storage solutions. The ASL team were able to coordinate a combination of in house and external solutions to meet the client's requirements. After customs clearance, the cargo was unloaded from the shipping containers and stored at different sites including DACHSER Dartford and external warehouses in Northampton and Southampton.

Notably, the project involved meticulous delivery planning, with a focus on rural locations that posed additional challenges. Despite these obstacles, the DACHSER teams executed the deliveries with precision, meeting strict instructions and deadlines.

ASL Manager Falguni Clarke, who oversaw the entire process for the customer, commented on the project, stating, “This project has been very challenging with multiple hurdles to overcome along the way. The customer had some very specific requirements which DACHSER managed to accommodate thanks to our Interlocking and cross divisional collaboration. As a result of our capabilities, the customer is now in discussion with us regarding another two projects for 2024”.

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