Further update on DACHSER’s operations in China

We continue to share the operation status of our branches and latest development in China.

General status

Factories and businesses are resuming gradually, but very slowly. Authorities are working hard on containing the spread of the novel coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, officially named by the World Health Organisation. To prevent infection at workplace, enterprises are required to submit applications to local authorities before they are allowed to resume work. Applicants need to demonstrate they are observing strict hygiene requirements and are capable of providing adequate hygiene consumables to the workforce.

DACHSER branches

All DACHSER branches are operating. Some of the branches are closed while undergoing the application process, still, staff are working from home and the operations are handled remotely. Please excuse us for the delay in some processes, as most of the units in the supply chain within China are not functioning in full capacity.

  • DACHSER branches in Nanjing and Suzhou will resume business once approvals from the authorities are granted;
  • Wuhan is closed and schedule to re-open on February 24, subject to change depending on the situation;
  • Our team members are working from home
  • Hong Kong branch is fully operational. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will advise if our ability to operate is impacted.

Transport logistics in China

While we are trying our best to keep your supply chain as smooth as possible, please consider that other units in the supply chain did not resume full capacity yet. Carriers and terminals are gradually resuming operations with skeleton staff. Delays and other operational issues are expected.


  • Lack of truckers, there is only a limited number of trucking companies having received permits to resume operation;
  • Domestic trucking condition is challenging especially for inter-cities and inter-provinces due to increasing tightened regulations on road;
  • Road access to Shanghai is heavily controlled which may affect delivery to Shanghai Port and Shanghai Pudong Airport;
  • Transportation certificate is needed for trucks to enter or exit the Hubei Province;


  • Many of the airlines suspended passenger flights to and from China. Still, air shipment can be handled, except Wuhan, subject to carriers’ availability and schedule;
  • Charter services are available with guaranteed uplift and transit time for our customers with urgent shipment;


  • Carriers have reduced sailings to and from China;
  • Ocean terminals are operating, except Wuhan;
  • Lack of equipment starts to be an issue;
  • Container trucking only resumes on average 50% of normal capacity;
  • The US and Vietnam has quarantine requirements for vessels leaving Chinese ports.

At DACHSER, we have contingency measures in place and will offer you the best alternative solutions to keep your supply chain running in case any shipment is affected.

We will keep our customers updated with the latest information on the current situation. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

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