DACHSER Ireland creates 6000 hazardous pallet spaces at head office facilities in Dublin

In response to the evolving landscape of the post-Brexit chemical industry, DACHSER Ireland has successfully completed the first phase of its chemical storage project at its Rathcoole headquarters in Dublin.

DACHSER Ireland has a dedicated ADR network and strategic locations in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick

The strategic initiative involves the expansion of its chemical storage capacity to cater to the increasing demands of the chemical industry in Ireland. The first phase of this project has seen the addition of 6,000 hazardous pallet spaces made available to the existing infrastructure, providing a robust storage solution for the chemical sector.

Anticipated to conclude towards the end of 2024, the second phase of the project will potentially add a further 3,000 hazardous pallet spaces, bringing the total available spaces to an impressive 9,000. This development underscores DACHSER's dedication to meet customer demands for growth and scalability in the future.

Sales Manager for Ireland, Michael Mulcahy, commented, "The expansion of our chemical storage capacity is a direct response to the changing dynamics in the post-Brexit era. We are committed to providing our customers with the space and solutions they need to navigate the evolving landscape of the chemical industry in Ireland."

Situated on an expansive eight acre Upper Tier COMAH site in Rathcoole, DACHSER Ireland operates a total of 8 warehouse units, each tailored to specific storage functions. These units accommodate diverse needs such as Class 3 flammable goods, Class 2 gas cylinders and caged aerosols and temperature controlled storage.

Pioneers in the chemical sector

As pioneers in the chemical sector for over four decades, DACHSER Ireland is committed to providing compliance and professional industry solutions in chemical logistics. The company's contract logistics facility, now spanning 12,600 square meters, can accommodate up to 20,000 pallets, enhancing its capability to meet the post-Brexit demands of the chemical market.

In 2023, DACHSER Ireland achieved a significant milestone by successfully picking and distributing approximately 100,000 chemical orders, totalling 7,885,618 handling units, throughout the entire island of Ireland. This impressive feat was accomplished through DACHSER's fully compliant dedicated ADR network. Operating facilities in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, DACHSER Ireland is the sole carrier in the country offering a dedicated service to the chemical and life-science sector.

"Our dedicated ADR network and strategic locations in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick enable us to provide unparalleled service to the chemical and life-science sector in Ireland. We are proud to be the sole carrier offering specialised solutions in this critical industry," added Mulcahy.

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