Coffee for Europe

Scanomat, a Danish manufacturer of high quality coffee brewers, transforms tablets into baristas. There’s now an app that operates the stylish coffee machines. Scanomat is banking on DACHSER to get the coffee cups steaming all over Europe. The logistics provider supplies the fully automatic coffee machines to retailers across Europe through its close-knit network.

The machines are not just sexy to look at, their technology is terrific - picture: Scanomat

When the Danish company Scanomat was established around 50 years ago, its offices were housed in a small garage. Today, this family company is one of the largest manufacturers of coffee brewers for restaurants and hotels. The machines are not just sexy to look at, their technology is terrific: with the press of a button on a smartphone or tablet, the coffee brewers have the coffee ready and decorated with creamy milk foam in 45 seconds flat, and an app allows you to set the coffee strength.

Scanomat’s customers - five-star hotels and restaurants - are demanding, and the manufacturer has high requirements for its logistics partners as well. “We have very high quality standards for our products and expect that our service providers have the same sense of quality,” says Lisbeth Bangsgaard from Scanomat Denmark. The two companies have been working together closely since 2004. In 2014 alone, the logistics provider dispatched 4,500 shipments for Scanomat. The company sells 90 percent of its coffee brewers outside of Denmark, including in Great Britain, Germany, and France. With its close-knit European network consisting of 256 company-owned and 68 partner sites, DACHSER has the perfect set-up for Scanomat’s European business as it enables customer accessibility in all regions.

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DACHSER picks up the merchandise at Scanomat's warehouse in the Danish town of Kokkedal and delivers it to retailers in at least 46 European countries. When delivering these fully automatic coffee machines, narrow and precisely defined time slots have top priority.

Therefore, seamless tracking and tracing is extremely important. This is a significant customer requirement that DACHSER can meet using its eLogistics tool shipmentcontrol. The logistics provider scans the merchandise at all the interfaces so that up-to-the-minute status information can be accessed online at any time. “Precise delivery of the goods is of major importance to Scanomat,” emphasizes Kenneth Thestrup, Sales Manager at DACHSER in Hvidovre. “With the shipment tracking function in eLogistics, Scanomat always knows precisely where its merchandise is at any given time. Communication with the customer, seamless teamwork among our colleagues within the European network, and our integrated IT systems create the key to the success of our business relationship with Scanomat.”

In its own way, DACHSER is also contributing to the fact that Scanomat’s elegant, fully automatic coffee brewers make two million cups of coffee a day - amounting to half a billion cups annually - for coffee lovers throughout Europe. And there’s an app for that.