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DACHSER Cosmetics Logistics: A strong global network with logistics expertise tailored to the cosmetics industry

With DACHSER Cosmetics Logistics as your partner, you have access to DACHSER’s logistics expertise and strong global network. We deliver your products to all European markets and to key markets worldwide in line with your requirements. DACHSER Cosmetics Logistics answers your logistics challenges with services that are tailored precisely to the needs of your industry. We attach great importance to designing the handling of your high‑quality cosmetic and perfumery products so that the processes comply with the strictest quality and safety standards, and we implement them every day right up to the POS. The combination of our standardized and specialized DACHSER logistics services meets your requirements—and does so in a way that offers you the best advantage.

Full service for the cosmetics industry

With DACHSER Contract Logistics, we offer you comprehensive, integrated warehouse solutions that employ warehouses specially designed for storing cosmetic products. These warehouses also provide direct access to the European transport network. Thanks to DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics and DACHSER Rail Services, you have fast and flexible access to all sales and procurement markets worldwide.

The IT solutions we have developed in-house provide you with full transparency along your supply chain. Our standardized, globally networked systems let you design your processes efficiently and provide you with a high level of data quality. Our data security concept is certified to ISO 27001.

Your benefits at a glance. We offer:

  • Automated and digital processes for managing all physical steps along the entire supply chain
  • A high degree of transparency through T&T systems that follow every shipment, featuring real-time documentation thanks to homogeneous cross-transport systems
  • Specialized industry know-how with strong expertise in omnichannel supply chains between manufacturer, retail, and POS
  • Bespoke value-added services that meet product and market requirements
  • EcoVadis auditing
  • Continuous monitoring of the transport-related carbon footprint for our customers
  • Location-specific concepts for deliveries to cities and urban areas
  • Customized and climate-friendly processes for the efficient and sustainable design of city-center delivery traffic

Our service portfolio for your cosmetics logistics

Sustainable logistics

The focus on a sustainably designed future for coming generations is at the core of DACHSER’s philosophy. Economic, ecological, and social goals are long‑standing corporate values and integral components of our day-to-day activities.

Climate protection: An essential pillar

With new logistics concepts such as DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery, we are creating the basis for emission-free deliveries in city centers and urban areas. This involves delivering shipments to city centers using modern, zero-emission vehicles (battery-electric trucks and cargo e-bikes) that are powered with energy from renewable sources. In addition, we monitor the logistical carbon footprint for our customers during transport activities and reduce it in line with our internal climate protection targets. Through our R&D activities, we are a member of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) and promote environmentally compatible technologies and their use in logistics through long-standing collaborations with research institutes and universities.

An eye on the last mile of the delivery process

To reach your recipients with pinpoint accuracy or to efficiently design omnichannel concepts, we provide you with specific solutions and delivery services for your logistics tasks. No matter where your recipient is located, we organize the smooth progress of your deliveries at the right time, on the right day, and always with a high degree of quality, safety, and security for your premium cosmetic products. In addition, we handle delivery planning as well as the implementation of customer-specific value-added services.

An extra bit of security for your cosmetic products

At DACHSER Cosmetics Logistics, your cosmetic products are in the best hands and, if necessary, specially secured in sealed storage. We seal the vehicles and check them regularly. Even more security is provided by digital video surveillance as well as digital access controls and secured parking spaces in the vicinity of the DACHSER branches. Automated warehouse processes, standardized loading procedures via double-deck loading, and efficient cargo securing prevent damage and enable us to keep our customers’ delivery promises. These processes are backed up by full AEO certification and above‑average SQAS ratings for transport services and warehousing.

Our special warehouse services for the cosmetics industry

Our warehouses, which are specially designed to store cosmetic products, offer you direct access to our European transport network. In addition to managing your inventories and articles, we help you organize replenishment as well as take inventory. This includes monitoring a large quantity of stock keeping units (SKUs), best-before dates, and lot numbers. Other complex logistics services (value-added services) that we can provide for you include composite or multi‑packaging, display assembly and repair, product packaging, and the provision of special packaging.

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